and able

While the majority of Australian retail businesses are open to hiring people with a disability, a much lower percentage are currently employing someone with a disability. Our Project, “Ready and Able”, provides useful information to help retail employers when considering employing a person with a disability, and overcome any blockages they may be encountering. The type of information includes:

Career information for
prospective retail employees

The retail industry is made up of many different sectors, each offering rewarding career pathways and flexible work opportunities. Users can download and find out more about some of the different retail sectors from our free Retail is Your Future resources.

Fact Sheets for employers

These fact sheets include education surrounding workplace laws, protections and information to guide employers on the best practice when employing a person with a disability.

Case studies

Examples of key retail organisations that are supporting disabled workers in Australia and how they are doing this.


Free webinars for employers will be scheduled to support information.

Employer hotline:
1800 445 522

Free access to our workplace health and safety experts through our Employment Hotline to help address any issues.

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